Helpful hints for a successful session

Please arrive only 5 minutes before your session, if you arrive early pls stay in your car until you session time.

When it is your session time, pls come to the front door. (there is no side entrance (yet, maybe one day) )

you may park in the driveway in a free spot

if you are doing a family session, have family ready to in the outfit for the session (ladies this means makeup and hair too!) This will save time during your session.

minimal outfit changes will make for a happy baby.

bring snacks and milk just in case. Pls be sure the bring NUT FREE snacks.

less is more

no outdoor shoes will be permitted in the studio, it is import to keep the floors clean as little ones are crawling around.

clients closest and prop room will be available to you during the session.  Pls see my studio too a few outfits available

Visit my pinterest page for outfit ideas and tips

Andria Marie Photography

Newborn session prep list for parents

Try your best to keep baby up before your session, wont be easy but worth it in the end.

Giving baby a bath before your session will make for a sleepy clam baby

"milk drunk" babies equals sleepy a baby.  Try to feed baby just before you leave for the studio. Also have milk on hand for the mid session fed.

What to wear ~ I suggest neutral tones ( whites, creams, gray's) nothing with logos or bold patterns.  Try and co-ordinate outfits by laying them out on the bed and taking a picture to see the   look when put together.

You'll have access to my clients closet and prop room.  

Feel free to bring any props that have sentimental value and I will try my best to include them.

Poop happens! Don't stress about my props getting happens all the time.  Be sure to bring extra clothes for yourself as well as baby. Also have plenty of diapers on hand.

Family and siblings picture will usually take place first so the dad may leave with kids if thing get a little bonkers.  Bring along something for the siblings to keep them entertained.

It gets hot in the studio, bring a something light to change into after family pictures are done.

Cake smash prep

First half of the session is regular picture, with access to clients closet and prop room

Second half of the session is the smash, you do need to provide your own outfit for the smash.

If you are doing the bath you will only be doing one setup before the smash in order to have time for the bath.

I will provide everything for the bath along with the towel for after

I provide generic props, balloons and banners... themes related props do need to be provided by you.

Simple cakes is the way to go, but if you liked to have it match your theme pls send images two weeks before.

Try out a cupcake a few weeks before so you little one can get used to the texture and taste!

Parents may get dirty prepared!